Affordable Housing

Our city and its politicians have failed us.

We pay taxes to make our lives better, not harder. The American dream is still alive, but only for those who can afford it.  Affordability is the number one social injustice us working class New Yorkers face. For too long too many of us have struggled to make ends meet.

For too long, residents of Public Housing have been left behind. Of the City's 95 billion dollar budget, only 3% goes to housing. The city must do more. It is not enough to keep the walls from falling or to keep the water running (something the city has failed time and time again). We must invest more to better these communities. As Mayor, I would not only give our public housing areas the resources they deserve, but also provide dedicated residents a path to ownership. I would give those who have invested for years and are dedicated to improving themselves, their families, and their communities a real chance at the American Dream, a place they can truly call home.



  • Halt evictions, cancel rents and foreclosures during the duration of Covid
  • Reinvest in NYCHA, move money away from unnecessary projects.
  • Expand Affordable Housing (both rental and ownership), and make housing truly affordable for those that need it most by basing rentals on neighborhood median income (not greater metro area median income).  Include affordable commercial space for small businesses.
  • Provide stable housing for all homeless New Yorkers and include a variety of resources (employment help, mental health services etc.) within the housing facilities.
    1. Convert empty office buildings and vacant real estate property into long term stable housing for homeless individuals.