Happy Belated International Day of Purpose!

Four years ago, in 2016, my cousin started the International Day of Purpose.  It is held on the summer solstice every year.  It is designed as a means of having people come together to focus on what their purpose is in the world and  in their life.  Why are we here?  The overall premise was, “WHAT IF EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WAS LIVING ON PURPOSE?”

Given the current events, I am sure there are a lot of people who are thinking about this concept.  What is their goal in life and how can they be purposeful in this moment? How can they lend a hand or make an impact?   Barack Obama in his recent YouTube live event stated that we all have something we can do in this moment, whether it is protesting, organizing, running for office, or donating to a campaign, it is all important, we are all valuable. 

While we are looking at recent events and being forced to address much of the institutional and systemic racism that exists in this city, state and country, it is important that we are honest about the existence of racism and it is also important that as we move forward that our changes are not just symbolic like the removal of statues.  There is so much more that needs to transpire; our changes need to have a purpose.  

I firmly believe that the first place each of us needs to start is by looking at ourselves and our purpose.  Then we need to address the government and what its role is in fulfilling that purpose.  Where has the government created a system of bias and what will we do to correct those systems? 

For those of us of a certain age who want to be part of creating change and driving a new purpose for government, we must understand the importance of being inclusive.  We need to obtain input from the next generation and the generation that is coming behind them.

Although we have done things a certain way for a certain time, when we are reimagining things we must not be selfish.  We must ensure that we do not create a world that simply works for how we think things should operate but a world that addresses how the next generation wants to live.  We need to account for what they want their lives to be like. The truth is that many of the old ideologies that we hold sacred are not revered by the next generation in the same manner.  We must remember that we are living in a global society with access to a wealth of information and understand it has caused a shift in thinking in what this generation will and will not accept.  

If you speak to younger people you find that they are filled with ideas as it relates to their education, what they wish they were taught in school, what they think adds value to their lives when they become adults and how they would like to be spoken to.  

We can all learn, retain and regurgitate information.  What’s more important to them is to find their purpose, learn character, critical thinking, morals and values.  The learning of these values must be done in schools in conjunction with what is taught by parents.  If we change policy and we don’t change character and heart condition, obtaining the impact of those policy changes will be difficult and our purpose may not be realized. 

These are exciting times.  These are purposeful times. For far too long we have remained silent and gone down a path that was not working for us all.  At this moment the younger generation is leading us down a new path.  They will be free thinkers; they will be our entrepreneurs, our scientists, our mathematicians, our doctors and lawyers.  But how they reach those goals will be different.  That’s the good news.  

It will include individuals that are in touch with themselves and their sense of purpose.  They will understand that their behavior impacts the lives of those around them and the universe overall. 

It is my hope that their purpose will compel them to run for office, join their community boards and become involved in the drafting and implementation of new policy.  The future is full of possibility if we listen to those who we will pass the baton to when our time is over. 

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