HerStory was Made! We did it!

The United States of America made HerStory!  In a country as diverse as America, it is not until now, that we have had a woman on the ticket that has actually been able to go on and win the election.  Not only did we elect a woman Vice President, we elected a Woman of Color.  This is HerStoric! For me, there was a lot on the line with this election.  After four years of Donald Trump, decency, racism, and misogyny were all on the line.   I was happy to see that America is a decent a country because, if I am being honest, for a minute there I was worried.


But after that sigh of relief, as a black woman, I am extremely proud.  I am proud because I have always said that we are all connected.  So when Kamala Harris won and created a change in this country, it created a new possibility for every black girl and woman in this country.  Through her, we all won. It showed us that we are not living in a country that is stuck in its ways. That we can identify right from wrong, we are open to diversity and if need be can change and that there is growth in us. Again – this is one to the most important dates in HerStory.

But let us make no mistake.  The African American community won this election for the Democrats.  When we show up, we show out and people win. But for the African American community we must not just see our power in this moment but we must be forward thinking, continue to use it and ultimately take back that power in a positive way. This win was just the first step. We have many more steps we need to take. The win is over and we will bask in it for a minute but we must bask in it with a plan, with a purpose and with a list of demands. The change we want to see will only come from us. We are the change.

So what should we be doing at this moment? We should be asking for assurance that both the Democratic and Republican parties work across the aisle to provide the people of this city, state and country with their basic fundamental needs. We need to ensure that everything that is implemented has a positive impact on people and is #PeopleFirst. Because the reality is when both sides disagree, neither party wins and the biggest losers are everyday people. Our elected officials will continue to win because they have guaranteed salaries, health care and benefits.

In 2020 there is no reason why we should have homelessness, food insecurity, a failing education system, $15 minimum wage and $2,000 rents. We must implement policies that ensure that every citizen’s basic needs are met. What are our basic fundamental needs that everyone should have as a bare minimum? Let’s continuing making HerStory.

Listen, the reality of the situation is this.  Every law, policy and procedure that has been implemented in this country has been done so by a basic man or woman who was doing the best they could with the information and experience they had at the time.  We know better. We need to do better.

The other reality is; for the black and brown communities is that when we stand up and ask for change, we create change for every community. Heck, some other communities have benefited more from our standing up than we have. So stand up and cheer for this moment, for democracy, for decency but now is not the time to sit down. We must continue to stand, we must continue to have demands and we must continue to evolve and grow. It is our job to ensure that this moment is not lost and that it actually has long term effects. The next generation is engaged, they are watching. Let’s show them how it’s done! Let’s go!

Congrats again to President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris!  #HerStory #TheFutureIsUs!

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