Small Business, MWBE & Not for Profits

New York is built by those who believe in the American Dream.

Our city is full of families that rely on their small businesses to provide for them. We must do everything we can to help them because any investment in them will benefit their communities.

Likewise, we must remove burdensome restrictions that are meant to regulate corporations but instead stifle our small businesses and community organizations. We need to provide tax benefits to ease the financial cost of a necessary $15 minimum wage. I will streamline contracts and pay schedules, making terms and deadlines clear and make sure every contractor and worker is paid in full and on time.

  • Provide funding for small businesses affected during Covid.
  • Provide opportunities to MWBE’s, worker cooperatives and firms to work directly with the city. Ensure that fifty percent of all city contracts are awarded to small businesses.
  • Develop a graduated deposit program that provides deposits to firms that do work for the city.
  • Improve the city's payment process by taking auditing (i.e., renegotiating of payments after work has been completed) out of the payment process.  
  • Rent control for small businesses.
  • Invest in worker cooperatives, and bolster the worker cooperative sector.