By Addressing Climate Change & Transportation

Let's create a sustainable & smart New York City.

NYC is the business capital of the world, and its workers are its lifeblood. Let's address our impact on Climate Change and truly make NYC a Smart City that's sustainable.


Climate Change

  • Implement Climate Mobilization Act to ensure that buildings (our biggest polluters) meet stringent green energy standards.
  • Supports the Renewable Rikers Act to turn Rikers island into a renewable energy hub.
  • Update our energy infrastructure to rapidly transition away from reliance on fossil fuels.  This includes refusing all new pipeline construction within our city limits.
  • Invest in climate coastal resiliency to fully protect our waterfront communities.  Prioritize communities like Hunts Point and Redhook and not just communities like the financial district.
  • Increase trash equity throughout our city to allow for the brunt of the trash burden to not only fall on working class communities of color.


  • Work closely with State to develop a plan to fully support an electrified bus network - this saves money in the long term and helps alleviate the public health risks to the majority POC communities that house bus depots.  Adopt Columbia University Recommendations
  • Advocate to fully fund the MTA and expand accessibility of all NYC subways.  
  • Expand the bike lane network throughout NYC and ensure safe infrastructure safety for cyclists with community input.  
  • Expand Car free streets to allow for bus only streets (or pedestrian/cyclist only streets) to decrease commute times and encourage mass transit.