What have you done for me lately?

In the infamous words of Janet Jackson, “What have you done for me lately?”

Happy Monday everyone!  

I want to open with a HUGE thank you to all who have contributed toward helping my campaign reach our goal for an important financial filing milestone this weekend.  I am appreciative and do not take your support for granted. Yesterday, Lawson “Suga Ray” Marston who is a huge advocate in his community, made the below post on his Facebook page about me and his support of my campaign:

Grt rising family.

So, since pushing for Taylorfor2021 to become the next Mayor of NYC, folks are asking me “what has she done?”… And I haven’t even responded….

Meanwhile, some of those same folks voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump despite the negative stuff she’s done to our people. “What has she done?” People want to vote for Biden over Trump despite the negative stuff he’s done to our people. “What has he done?”

Oh, and people voted in droves for Obama despite him doing nothing as a Senator prior. “What has he done?”

 Yet, with this Black Woman, who isn’t a career politician, they wanna know “what has she done?”…

 To me, the more appropriate question should be, if any, is…. “What is her vision?”

Stop y’all. Y’all supported Obama with no knowledge of anything he’s done and without knowing anyone who knew him. I’m telling you this Black Woman has showed up for my family and my community, and many others in the same way.


Here is my response:

Thank you Suga Ray for this post and for starting this conversation. People ask me all of the time what have I done? As you point out, that is not the right question because you see, I am not a politician. It is not my responsibility to have done anything. But better questions are:

Are you happy with what your current elected officials have done and the impacts they have had in your community?

What is in it for the candidates that you are voting for and what will be in it for you if they win?

What is my vision for better?

The reality is the system is broken. Many of our politicians have had to sell out communities of color because while people want to know what people have done, they are not doing anything themselves. They don’t support campaigns with donations, they don’t volunteer, and they don’t vote. If we want to have real talk there have been many people in the communities advocating for people and doing various things for years and people still don’t support them.  Career politicians analyze the statistics on all of this information and that is why certain communities don’t change or if they do change the change it is not for the better.  See, people ignore the elected officials when they need them and the elected officials ignore you after they are elected.  And I am not just saying this, go and take a look at your community or other communities of color. 

So, I am not running because of what I have done.  It is not about what I have done it is about what I want to do:

  • Invest in public housing
  • Establish home ownership opportunities
  • Build real affordable housing
  • Assist the small business communities that are the backbone of our city
  • Defund the police and invest in communities
  • Provide a decent education for our children
  • Provide health care

Listen, I am tired of paying into a governmental tax system that works against me. I am tired of voting against my own interest only to be told that people with money don’t want to see the things I think are beneficial to me or my community happen. And I realized that change requires action and it can’t happen from outside looking in. You have to be on the inside, you have to be the decision makers.

That is why not only am I running but I am encouraging other people to run as well. In 2021 there are 35 city council seats that are term limited. We need to enter 2022 with a City Council and Mayor who are on the same page and who will work together with Governor Andrew Cuomo to get stuff done. No more compromising and doing the communities that need us the most wrong. A team that is willing to shift our priorities to ensure that the needs of everyone in this city are met. We are all investing in this city every day; we should all be seeing a return on that investment. Stop building nice shiny buildings that people can’t afford while letting our public housing developments deteriorate as though those tenants don’t deserve decent housing. No more making deals off the backs of the communities that can afford it the least.

And for those in the communities, I want you to ask yourself what have YOU been doing?  Have you been brainwashed into thinking that handouts are the way to go? This system is designed to keep you in struggle mode and wanting and waiting around for someone to do something for you. Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish your feed him for a lifetime. People want to give you a fish because they are making money off of giving it to you. I am ready to teach people how to fish. There is a whole big world out there that a lot of people are missing out on because they are struggling. I want people to be able to really see the world.

In closing let me say this. None of us are victims. We all have greatness in us. It is time for us to step up into that greatness and stop buying into the mindset that someone else doing something is what is going to be life changing for YOU. You have to create the change YOU want to see. YOU have to do something for your own life. That’s how we are going to be able to make a difference for ourselves and be an example for the generations coming behind us. It is time for everyone to stand up and take their power back in a positive way. Let’s visualize and speak into existence what we want to see for ourselves, for our families and for our communities.

It’s a movement. If you are with me, that’s great. If you aren’t, I just want you to remember this post and remember what you could have had when you look around and things are still the same.

 Continued blessings and be well!

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