When this is all over…

Happy Monday! 

I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking that you want this to be over. You wish you could just click your heels three times and be in a different place and time. It is starting to be too much at times. You keep asking yourself, “How did we get here and how do we get out? Is this man-made, is it 5G, is it God?” There are so many questions that we may never have the answer to and so many things we can’t control. I get it.

So how do we cope? You’re supposed to be the adult in the room. How do you look all adultish and not let the kids know that you are about to freaking lose it. You’re thinking, “What the heck! Are they hungry again? I just fed them. How the heck am I supposed to work from home and babysit at the same time? It’s like I have two jobs right now. Listen. I get it.

We just got through the holiest time of the year, and it seems we have the unholiest of presidents doing the most unethical things. How do we get out of this? “Right now, I have a huge headache. I wish I could just close my eyes and this nightmare would be over.” You’ve said this to yourself. You’ve also said, “When this is all over, I am leaving this place, moving to another country.” I know you’ve said it. Heck, I’ve said it too.

But then the phone rings or you get an email or a text and someone needs you, or they remembered you, so they are calling to check on you. Then you are reminded of how important our connection to each other is and that you matter. You’re being here matters. You’re making a difference matters. Whether you are a grocer or store clerk, or an MTA worker or a teacher, in this moment we have all learned how much we matter. People are counting on us. We are counting on people. But in this moment it is important that  we not only think about all of those things, but we must also consider the people that we are counting on, our elected officials, and whether, in this moment, they are there for us.

Listen. I get it. I think about the same things. I think about the people I have voted for, and if I had an opportunity to do it over, would I vote for them at this moment? I think about how much of an impact not voting has on our everyday lives. Heck, I even think about whether I should be running for office. If nothing else, we have a lot of time to think about things right now. But then I think about the teacher who is trying to teach her students and her kids at the same time. The elderly person who hasn’t heard from anyone for days. I think about the sacrifices those who came before me made, and I am reminded of the responsibilities I have to my ancestors and wonder whether I am making them proud.

This isn’t the first time things have been bad in this country, in this state and in this city, and unfortunately it probably won’t be the last. Many of the people who came before us went through some things. But they made it through. They were tough. They knew how to make something from nothing. In contrast, we have everything and behave as though we have nothing. They yearned to know things. We know everything, but we behave as though we know nothing. But isn’t it funny how life has a way of teaching us and reminding us of the gifts that we have been given? That we should appreciate life, be a resource to each other and support each other. Now more than ever, it is important that we cherish our gift of family, our gift of friends, our gift of community and our gift of being able to have an impact on this world. Our gift of knowing that before this moment, in this moment and after this moment, we all matter. I know right now things are tough.

We are all probably experiencing “I will never do that again moments.” But we can’t let that be the only moment we are having. Now is the moment that we all tap into the greatness that is within us.  We remember that God is still in control and that we still have a level of control over our lives as well. So let’s use our power for good. Let’s make a commitment to be greater after this moment, but greater in this moment as well. One of the best things you can do to be greater is to assist others. So what are some of the things we can do to assist each other as a community? 

We can:

  • Share information and resources that are available for those who are in need. Our campaign has listed a ton of COVID-19 resources regarding food sources, mental health resources and resources for independent workers, which you can find here;
  • Educate ourselves and be a constant reminder to each other that small gatherings are not okay and that we must practice social distancing. We must do these things, especially in communities of color, who are disproportionately impacted by this virus;
  • Check on our seniors as well as those with compromised immune systems; and
  • Donate to organizations that are providing PPEs, food and other resources for first responders.

Doing things to take our power back in a positive way is what is going to get us through this. We got this! We have our family, we have our friends and we have our faith. But let’s remember the saying that, “Faith without works is dead.” Even in this moment, let’s put in the work to ensure we come out stronger, wiser and closer.

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  1. Leenora on April 20, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    This is so true as you states we have to be tge adults if you are lucky enough to gave a yard do some planting of friuts and vegatables if not get some seeds and use a empty egg cartoon get some soil and start it from there if you have friends that goes live have an in house party the things you can do to get through this is unlimited this is tge time to put your mind to work

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