It’s time to talk about how we CAN!

We pay taxes to make our lives better, not harder. The American dream is still alive, but only for those who can afford it. Affordability is the number one social injustice we working-class New Yorkers face. For too long, too many of us have struggled to make ends meet.

I am running because much like the average New Yorker that lives in this city, I'M TIRED!  I am tired of us having the same conversations over and over again and not seeing any changes.  None of the challenges we experience in this city happen through osmosis.  They happen because we have created laws, policies and procedures that don't work.  How can NYCHA residents have a quality of life when the walls are caving in around them? How can teachers prepare our kids for the future when they have to drive with Uber at night to make a living? How can we focus on our children’s education, preparing for the SHSAT, SAT/ACT, and college admission requirements when we have to work all day and night to put food on the table?


When I am elected as the next Mayor of New York City, I will make sure that the city government produces results that change lives for the better. We need to invest in our communities, in our families and in our livelihoods, and we need to do it now. We need to ensure that everyone is put in a position to contribute to a New York that works for us all. For too long, we have forgotten about our children, our students, the working class, the small business owner and the civil servants.

I am running to protect the forgotten. I am running to make sure that our children have a future and that the school they go to does not decide the rest of their lives. I am running to make sure that our working class will continue to have the right to a fair minimum wage, to organize and to fight back against the establishment. I am running so that small business owners don’t have to go into personal debt to keep their firms running. I am running to make sure our teachers, first-responders and government employees are protected and rewarded for their service to our city and our communities.


I am running because enough is enough! We need to create the change we want to see.