We are challenging the status quo, rethinking government and breaking free of traditional constraints. Joycelyn Taylor is working to realign government and private investment in an effort to create a larger, more inclusive democratic process that fixes affordable housing, supports small business, eliminates homelessness and reforms criminal justice.

Taylor for 2021 is focused on connecting with everyday New Yorkers to help them understand how they can take back their power in a positive way by holding government responsible for creating thorough common sense solutions to issues that affect them.

Get to know why Joycelyn Taylor is the candidate that can get this job done as Mayor of New York City.

Affordable Housing & NYCHA

Real solutions to decade old problems. Ownership for longtime residents. No RAD.

Small Business, MWBE & Not for Profits

Corporate restrictions make small business success impossible.

Homelessness & Mental Health

Better Options for Safe Solutions

Labor and Civil Service Reform

Imagine earning a wage that is fair and received on-time with a contract that protects your job and rights.


The right to a free education doesn’t always mean a good one. The next generation deserves educators and resources that set them up for success.

Criminal Justice Reform

Outdated policies hurt those it was intended to protect. Change begins with partners who serve and support.


Social Equity & Exoneration

Conversation & Collard Greens

Join the bi-weekly discussion!  Step into Joycelyn's kitchen for the Facebook LIVE conversation on NYC issues and the solutions you'd like to see put into place to effect change.


Join the movement to improve affordable housing conditions for NYC residents.

Join Taylor For 2021

If you believe in our mission and have time and talent to offer we are onboarding volunteers now! Register and pledge to volunteer, we’ll send you our next orientation date.